Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24th, 2010's challenge: The Rick Roll

Vader is a master of recreating things. When the first Death Star blew up, that didn't stop Vader from building a newer, better one. As a child, he made C-3PO, and as a young adult, he made Luke and Leia. To be like Vader we all need to become masters of creation, recreation, and procreation.

The thing that Vader wants everyone to recreate today is the Rick Roll. For the uninitiated, a Rick Roll is when you click on a link for a video or whatever, but instead of getting the video you want, you get a video of Rick Astley singing this song.

The challenge for today is to drive by someone with Rick playing, and then slow down to the point where you're driving side by side the pedestrian. Then, don't look at them or acknowledge them in any way. Just let them be Rick rolled.

Rick rolling someone: 5
Rick rolling the same person twice: 7
Rick rolling the same person three times 9

Happy rolling.


  1. We would have done this one yesterday if it hadn't been for the rain scaring away all of the pedestrians. Despite it being delayed, it was pretty fantastic. We cruised down student housing with "Never gonna give you up" blasting. David was wearing sunglasses and Nate and I both had our hoods up, just to add to the creepy factor.

  2. The creepy factor was very high with this one...