Ongoing Challenges

There are some challenges that can't be completed within the course of a single day, and Vader knows this. You've got to strike when the iron is hot, but sometimes the heat of the iron is out of your control, so these are the challenges that can always be completed. The points offered for doing these challenges are always up for grabs.

Washing your hands in the same sink as someone else at a public bathroom: 

I've thought about doing this one a lot, but it's supremely awkward. This challenge is just as it sounds. After you've finished your business in some sort of bathroom that's intended for public use (a public bathroom, in other words), go and wash your hands (this should always be done, by the way) in a sink that someone else is already using (this is the part that's worth points). I had the perfect opportunity for this one the other day, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It takes a steely resolve, and a total disdain for social norms, and it's these two aspects that make this such a Vader-like challenge. Does Vader have steely resolve? That's self evident. Disdain for social norms? He dresses up in a cyborg scuba suit and acts like he owns the place. Therefore, being so aligned with Vader's very nature, this challenge will be worth lots of points, as follows:

Washing hands in an occupied sink, while all other sinks in the bathroom are being occupied: 10 points
Washing hands in an occupied sink, with one open sink: 13 points
Washing hands in an occupied sink, with two other sinks open: 15 points
Washing hands in an occupied sink, with three or all other sinks open: 20 points

If you can somehow get a video of you doing this, and post it on the site, that's worth 45 points.

Kissing a person of an obscure race:

If you're in Utah, look around you. This place is pretty white washed. If you're a person with decent social skills, getting a white significant other is no challenge, just based off of statistics alone. But it takes a true Sith Lord to date, let alone find, a person who's an extreme minority.

Lest anyone think that this is a racial challenge, well, they're right. But it's not a discriminatory challenge. Sure, it's impressive to kiss a black girl in Utah, but how big of a deal is that in Jamaica? On the other hand, if you're a Jamaican and you kiss a white person, well congratulations because you've completed the challenge. So, part one of the challenge is to find an extreme minority (like, 5 percent of the population) and then the second part is to kiss them. Simple enough, right?

Kissing an extreme minority: 20 points

Getting into the police beat:

The BYU paper every Wednesday has a feature that's called the police beat. It describes the activities of the police for the week, ranging from the heroic to the absurd. Since this is Provo, the things that the police do can be comfortably contained in a single weekly column. And, since this is Provo, the things that the police are reported as doing are usually ridiculous, like letting bats out of buildings, or checking out on complaints that were made about a man dressed in a gorilla suit (these are all things I've read in the paper, by the way).

Now, every paper throughout the land, I'm sure, has a similar feature to this. If you can get into one of these, as one of the stories, then you win.

I love Smash Bros. Melee. It's rated T for teen, in part for comic mischief, and this is what I'm advocating here. If you get into the police beat for being a homicidal maniac or grand theft auto, you don't get any points of any kind. But if you get in the police beat for dressing as a gorilla or spending the night on campus, then you win. Comic mischief is what Vader is after.

Getting into the police beat: 25 points

Making out with Amanda Bynes:

If you can somehow do this on, you win the game. You get however many points the leader has, plus one, forever.