Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd, 2010's Challenge: Stall Escape

Due to the nature of doing Babylon midterm essays until 2:45 in the morning, the challenge has been late in arriving, and so in his clemency Lord Vader will allow all willing participants to complete this challenge both today and tomorrow.

Vader is a man who learns from his mistakes. Trying to jump over Obi-Wan during a lightsaber fight? Did he ever try that one again? Have you noticed just how grounded he remains in New Hope? When the second Death Star is getting created, did they leave open a vent that some rebel could shoot a proton torpedo into? No way. Vader is a man with plan B's.

Today's challenge is to climb over the stall wall in a public bathroom, and to get it on video. It's similar to a fire drill. It's to show Vader that, if under pressure, you have the gumption and the bravery necessary to overcome any challenge. So, pretend that the door is locked (but don't slide under the stall on the bathroom floor, because that plan is gross) and climb over that stall.

The scoring system:

Video of you climbing over a stall in public: 5 points
Video of you climbing over a stall in public, with an excess of weird grunts and noises: 6 points
Doing both of those without a shirt on: 8 points

Happy climbing.


  1. The guy who was sharing my bathroom with was awesome. I jumped up over the stall door and sat there for a moment. The guy at the sink said "AOhhhhhh!!!". In order to appreciate this you need to understand his voice. He sounded just like Mickey Mouse. It was the weirdest voice I've ever heard come out of a human being (barring Bieber). "How did you do that?" he said. As I went to wash my hands, the pipes running to the sink made a loud growling noise as the water passed through them. Mickey looked at me, shaking his head sympathetically, and said, "Must be one of those days!" Me and Adam could barely contain our laughter as we exited the bathroom.

  2. It's true, the guy in Nate's video is one of my new favorite people. My video has no people in it, but rest assured, there were at least 2 people in the bathroom. We had several mishaps before we finally got the first video done. Nate's signal to get me to climb over the stall was him coughing. When I heard Nate coughing, I started to scale the wall, but as soon I climbed over I saw the guy next to me at the urinal who was taking a pee. My feet would have kicked him in the face, so I dropped down back into my stall and waited for that dude to leave.