What is the Daily Challenge?

So this is a fantastic idea. This is how we came up with it.

Everybody craves attention. Everyone in the entire world has their pride that they nurture. Everyone wants to feel like their day wasn't a total waste. So, as the Think Tank were sitting and mulling over this problem, we thought that we could help people validate their existence with an achievement style reward system, where you get a point for doing some sort of task. It started off as a friendly dorm room competition, but in our wisdom we decided that the whole world probably wants to feel valid too, therefore anyone is welcome to join in on the Daily Challenge.

Rules for Submission:

There is no point in doing the Challenge without getting the points. It's the reason why we all try to jump as high as possible on the flag pole at the end of the levels in Super Mario Bros. So in order to get the points, there are certain stipulations that need to be complied with. Number One: You have to post a story about what happened to you when you fulfilled the challenge. Post these in the comments section, but make sure that the story goes under the right post. Don't talk about how you gave three random people a high five if the post's challenge is about riding up an elevator with your face in the corner. And make it a good story, with a relative amount of effort put into the spelling/grammar department. We as the Triumvirate of Arbiters retain the right to withhold points from people who type like 4th graders. The other rule (Rule Number Two) is to submit a picture of yourself fulfilling the challenge. This, however, only needs to be done when the challenge specifies it.

Oh yeah, and be honest. There's no glory in lies.