Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16th-January 22nd's Challenge: Eating

Darth Vader's suits is one of the coolest things ever invented. It makes everybody wish that they too were mutilated by their best friend in an overly long lightsaber fight in the middle of a volcano. It's because Vader finds the bright side to everything. Even after he chopped off Luke's hand, he knew that his son's administrative abilities wouldn't be seriously handicapped by the loss of his right appendage and graciously offered him the position of Second in Command. Luke hadn't learned how to make lemonade out of lemons and dropped down the shaft like a wuss.

Despite how cool Vader's suit is though, it presents a few unique challenges. Like, how does he eat? It's not like he can just take off his mask every time. At the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke took off the mask, it took like five minutes. Vader doesn't have that kind of time. The only method of eating we can think of is blending is food into a smoothie and sticking a straw up through his ventilator.

Now, the challenge is not to blend your food up and eat it through a ventilator (though if you did, it would be worth many points; see below). The challenge is to step outside of the normal eating paradigms in public, just to show the world that you, like Vader, don't need to eat like a normal person in order to be respected and feared. Videos must be submitted for maximum points.

A highly detailed account about what weird eating thing you did in public, and the reactions that you got: 1 point
A video of you eating weirdly in public: 3 points at minimum, but more depending on how awesome you are
And now for the mother load. If you take a video of yourself blending your meal up into a smoothie, and drink it through a straw that's going through the slats of these sunglasses*, congratulations, you're the proud owner of 15 points. The video has to include you putting the food into the blender so that we know that you ate something gross and that you're not some smoothie sucking fraud.

*On some parts of the internet, these sunglasses are referred to as "Kanye West Sunglasses." Since Kanye West is a useless tool bag, anyone who refers to the sunglasses in such a manner will revoke all point claiming privileges and be banished from the Daily Challenge, forever.

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